My first bodybuilding competition was in 98. It was probably the hardest thing I had ever done. In 10 months time I went from never having touched a weight to stepping on stage as a bodybuilder. Talk about 180 degree switch! At the time that I started I was working in a bar, smoking a pack a day and drinking almost every night. My eating habits were horrible and I was 38% body fat! Wowza!
I started lifting with a friend who happened to be a trainer, which was a huge bonus because I never went through the stage of doing it all wrong in the weight room… But unfortunately that might be just about the only place that I got it right right from the start. Lol.
When it comes to nutrition… Contest preparation in particular, the fitness world is full of people who think that their way is the right way. Many of them believe that their way is the ONLY way. And they will quickly tell you that what the “other guy” told you is most definitely, without a doubt, undeniably WRONG!
Well… I can tell you this for sure… Some of them ARE WRONG! Dead wrong! My first experience with dieting and the experience afterwards should have made me quit this sport forever. But somehow I still managed to fall in love with the sport and the industry. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I wanted to quit every day, but somehow I managed to change all of my life habits (I even quit smoking!) and complete my mission. I am still proud of myself for that one…back then I was a quitter. I never stuck anything through to the end especially if it got really hard. Some how in those 10 months I learned how to see things through. I learned a lot about myself, what I could endure, how strong I really was, who my friends really were. It was an incredible time in my life and a turning point that started me on my path in the fitness world!

That was just my first of many competitions between 98 and 06. I’ve taken a long break from the competition scene…some things I’ve missed… Some things I haven’t. I’m looking forward to enjoying these next months in the gym getting stronger and leaner. I can’t wait to see the physique I can create when starting from scratch like I am.

See you in the gym
Xoxo Lynda


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  1. T-girl says:

    Im cheering for you girl… just like I always did. You always looked amazing on stage and I am sure you will be even better this time around 🙂

  2. Angelique Simmonds says:

    Your competing again?! YAY! I’m so Excited and Stoked 4 U! Let me know when and where and I will most definitely be there!💖

  3. Angela H says:

    I’m so excited for you Lynda. Your going to do great. You inspire me and I’m sure a lot of other women.

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