When I started working as a flight attendant in 2008 I was super excited about the new journey I was about to start. Little did I realize the ways that it would impact my life.

My first year of flying was such a miserable time… Or let’s call it a challenging transition… Lol.
Humans don’t embrace change that easily and I was desperately trying to hang on to my old way of life… with terrible results.

I was such a control freak back then that the flying lifestyle was almost enough to make me pull the emergency slide and take the mini bar with me some days! You know what it’s like when you fly somewhere…flights are delayed or canceled , something breaks down, the hotel doesn’t have your room reservation, the toilet doesn’t work on your flight, your bags don’t make it to your destination, you get stranded in Newfoundland for three days… You get the picture! If you have a difficult time going with the flow you will be a stress case in no time! And at the end of my first year of flying that’s exactly what I was… Stressed the f*@# out!! Sooooo I had a choice to make… Give up this amazing job or figure my shit out!
I’m sure you can guess what happened…I learned to let go!

Worrying and stressing have never solved a problem and they have never brought me to think of a solution! They are a waste of time and energy focusing on the problem. If your mind is full of worry and anxiety there is no room for a solution to enter.
It’s interesting when you learn how to stop worrying and to let go that people in your life who are really good at worrying and obsessing about the problems feel as though you are abandoning them or that you don’t care.
Here’s a little something I have learned to do in stressful situations. Stop stressing about whatever it is that you are freaking out about and find something to be thankful for. Count your blessings. Say thank you to God for all that you have already been blessed with! Then go back to the situation at hand with a clearer mind and an attitude of gratitude. Have faith that there is a reason that you are experiencing said situation and that you have all the strength, skills, tools or resources to navigate the situation at hand and you are not alone.
This will be really hard to do at first because it kind of feels like you are turning your back on the problem…Like if one of your children was drowning and you turned around to say Thank-you and I love you to all of your other children (and gave them each a hug) before running into the water to save the drowning one! That’s kind of a morbid example but you get my point!

You get what you focus on… So if that is true and I focus on what is going wrong I will get more of that… But if I focus on what I am grateful for I will get more of that! Hmmmmmm

I haven’t been practicing this very well over the past few months…time to change that right now!

I am truly blessed…
Xoxo Lynda

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  1. Laura says:

    Proud of what you are doing! Here is a quote for you: “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”
    ― Corrie ten Boom

    Love ya

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