This weekend has been really fun for me. My mom is in town to check out the Canadian Masters Track and Field Championships. She had decided to take up running!
It all started last October when I traveled to Brazil with Monica Brant and her Mom, Patti Renfro, for the World Masters Track and Field Championships. I came home with great stories and photos to share and apparently that was enough to inspire my little quilt lady mom from Saskatchewan to take up track!
Her goal is to compete in the next World Masters event which is being held in Lyon, France in 2015. Here’s the kicker… Wait for it… She wants me to do it with her! Of course I agreed… so I guess I’m taking up sprinting! Lol What have I gotten myself into!! Truth be told I’m excited to train for something different and I’ve never been to Europe (well except for Iceland).
I’m very excited for my mom! She was so cute asking all kinds of questions trying to decide what events she might like to try. I had the opportunity to introduce her to some of the people that I met when I was in Brazil. They all loved her and were so excited to hear her story. She is starting her track experience at the age of 72! She is determined and she says that she just doesn’t want to finish last in her races! I just love her so much! She is currently undergoing some treatment on her knee and after that is complete has signed up for a running clinic starting in September. Did I mention that she has never run a day in her life!?!
It will be an amazing experience next year in France and I can’t wait to see how my mom transforms between now and then. If you want to support her on her journey she can be found on Facebook Shirley Cromarty

Have an amazing day!
Xoxo Lynda

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