The past few months have been a whirlwind of absolute craziness! Between attending physio appointments 3hrs per day four days per week, training in the gym 5 days per week and traveling every weekend all while trying to manage major fatigue issues and a pretty good amount of pain… Whew!  My first few weeks of intense therapy looked like this…I would have a physio appointment. The pain and exhaustion would be so intense that I would be in bed for the next two days. I would have another physio appointment and then I would go to the gym…I would be in bed for two more days! It went on like this for several weeks…But I am determined to get to the other side of this! I get my naps in where I can…and sometimes I have no choice because my body refuses to do anything else! I am feeling stronger every day. Healthier every day. Happier every day. Now I only have 1 or 2 bad days in a week! I have had to make some choices…make some cuts so to speak. This is my priority right now… Me… My health… My body… My physical, emotional and spiritual being… ME! 
Saying no when I’m asked to do things for others. Saying no to myself when I want to take on another new project. Resting even when it’s not convenient. Getting up and going to the gym or physio when that’s the very last thing in the universe that I want to do at that moment. Being consistent with work outs and physio exercises. Feeding my body quality fuel and water. Keeping up with massage and other therapies. Keeping stress very low and dealing with unavoidable stress immediately and in a healthy way. These are all things that I MUST do all the time to stay where I am and even move farther into the “fantastic zone”.

Not everyone in my life agrees with my choices. Assumptions are made and it’s hard not to take it personally. They don’t have to live my life… They don’t have to live in this body or feel this pain every damn day! For the first time in my life I am truly putting me first…But it took my body breaking down and getting sick and weak for me to do this!

Be kind to your bodies… Treat them with love and respect. We only get one. This temple that we live in provides us with so much…pleasure, emotion, invention, connection, artistry, music and song, dance, eroticism, sensation, birth, sport, vision, creativity… The list is endless. We get to experience life here on earth but one time…love the skin you’re in. Be grateful for the amazing body that you live in!

Have an amazing day!
Xoxo Lynda


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