Time is flying by and it is definitely overdue for an update here on my progress…
Things are going really well. I have successfully cut one pain medication dosage in half. And I’m completely off the other one! It has been a huge challenge but I’m in line with my goal of being off the pain meds by August 1st. I am so grateful for the amazing support that I have in my life!! It was a scary thing to decrease pain meds while I’m still feeling pain…but with mind focus techniques, a real clean diet and hard training, my body is responding well and I’m getting stronger every week! I am already beyond where I thought I would be at this point! I just went to the Dr. and got another lower dosage which I started today. I just need to remember that it took me a while to get my dosage up to where it was so it’s ok if it takes a little while to bring it back down. The Dr. is impressed with my progress which makes me quite happy. I will be really happy when the pain meds are gone completely! It’s crazy to think that just last year I was increasing my meds…

My my how things can change if we just set our minds to it!

Xoxo Lynda

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