Chronic pain is a real bitch! There’s really no other way to put it. Always there, nagging, aggravating, and just plain irritating! Won’t go away without sacrificing your mental clarity with pain medication…now the big thing is medical Mary Jane. I can’t function in my daily life without a clear mind. So that leaves dealing with chronic pain up to different methods for me. Heating pad, ice packs, meditation tracks, stretching techniques, positive self talk… These are all tools that I use to help keep the irritating chronic pain at bay. But from time to time there are just bad days. No amount of heat, cold, meditation or self talking my way out of it…It just hurts. The biggest thing right now when preparing for this big show (Canadian National Figure Championships in 8wks) is that I can’t afford a bad day! So I just have to work through the pain. Maybe that means my cardio is a little slower or I might do something like the treadmill instead of the stepmill… But I get my ass there and I do it!

I could easily let negative thoughts get me down and discourage me…but I have done that enough in the past. Replacing negative thoughts with a thought that is even slightly better is a move in the right direction. Of course if you can replace that negative thought with the complete opposite and mean it…that is perfect!! But telling yourself positive affirmations without any belief behind them unfortunately won’t do much to get you to your desired dreams. There must be belief in your words for affirmations to work. Otherwise they are just words.

Be kind to yourself with your self talk… Unfortunately we seem to really believe the negative things that we say about ourselves. Our body hears us and believes us… And responds accordingly.

Enjoy your day!!
Xoxo Lynda

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