6 weeks out from CBBF National Fitness & Figure Championships! July 18 in Halifax, Nova Scotia! So excited! When I first started this crazy journey I was just running on pure faith. My body had been through so much pain and suffering and I hadn’t been training for 2 years so it was almost impossible to see what the end result could even be. I knew what I have been able to achieve before but I also knew that I had lost a ton of muscle and I was working with a new body with new challenges.
I am excited to get on stage in 6 weeks! Of course I want to win, but that’s not the point… I’ve already beat something that I thought for a moment was going to take away some pieces of my life! If that makes any sense. I didn’t think I would be lifting like this again. I used to look at the stepmill and think about how much extra energy it took over the treadmill…then choose the easiest one because I just didn’t have anything extra in me!
For those of you who are suffering with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or anything similar… It’s not easy. This is not an easy thing I am doing. But it feels so much better after it’s done…I know I have done something that will move me forward not keep me stuck by sitting on my ass because it’s easier and it hurts a little less for that moment. Pain plays with your mind…it can make you believe that you can’t do the things you used to be able to do or that you are weaker than you are! I can work through it and past it and my body becomes stronger and pain becomes less because I do. It’s kind of crazy how it has been working for my body. It’s like physiotherapy I guess. It hurts like heck when you’re doing it… But it strengthens your weak parts and the pain becomes less as the strength increases. I never would have believed it if I wasn’t seeing it happen with my own eyes!

Make your day amazing!
Xoxo! Lynda

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