On July 18th, 2015 I stepped back onto the stage as a figure competitor…it was a goal that I set so long ago that when I set it there was no way that it seemed realistic from where I was sitting. I hadn’t trained in a couple of years. I was dealing with a major back issue. I had not been on stage for 9 years! I was seriously out of shape with several pounds to lose, taking a hand full of prescription pain meds a couple times a day, had some serious bad habits to break and I was so weak that I had to hold someone’s hand to do squats or lunges (that’s with NO weight people!).
What got me here? To my goal? I never gave up! I always did what I could…even if it wasn’t perfect or if it wasn’t the whole workout. I never stayed home because I knew I was too exhausted to do it all. I went and did what I could until I could honestly say “ok, I’m done…I am no longer helping the situation and I can go home.”
My next goal was to be completely off pain meds by August 1st…and I’m excited to say that I took my last prescription pain med Monday morning! There was an adjustment period which is somewhat uncomfortable but nothing that I can’t handle. It will feel really great to not be tied to something like that anymore! It will require me to be more aware of my fatigue and pain and manage it in other ways. But I have many useful tools that have been working well.

For a while I had lost my way…I’m so grateful to have people in my life that care so much that they came and found me and led me back along a path that I could follow. Believed in me more than I could believe in myself sometimes. And pushed me when I was ready…even if I didn’t think that I was. Together we brought this body back to life and with it my spirit rose from the ashes…I am the Phoenix! I am forever grateful.

Enjoy your day!
Xoxo Lynda

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